sonic-snap, sn9c102 webcam application for linux

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With sonic-snap, you can use your sn9c102 based camera under linux. You need to get the kernel driver at

sonic-snap has some distinguishing features which include histogram analysis, normalization, ppm captures and realtime mpeg encoding.

sonic-snap was tested with this really cute little webcam, called Sweex Minicam. The Sweex Minicam is really cheap (10 to 15 euros), and has the size of a 50 eurocent coin. Due to its size, it should be a suitable robotics camera. The sonic-snap application will most likely work with any webcam, based on the sn9c102 chip from Sonix. (Sweex 200k, Sweex 100k and Genius NB work as well). If you get it to work on your cam, why not send me a snapshot? You can reach me at bram at

sonic-snap is GPL'ed. Source, deb's and rpm's are available as downloads. Also, the README is available.