ALPY is a 3D sound kit, based op OpenAL, with a Python binding.
It is (c) by Bram Stolk, and available under GPL license.

Initially, this started out as a 1:1 translation of the
OpenAL API onto Python. However, this does not work very
well. OpenAL's API is pretty low-level, and has no object
orientated model.

Instead, ALPY is a layered system: On top of OpenAL, there
is a set of C++ classes. On top of these C++ classes, a
Python API was created (Thanks to SWIG:

A minimal python script would look like this:

from libal import *
se = SoundEngine(22000);
s  = SoundSource("softswitch.wav");


To build alpy, you require:

* SWIG 1.3a5
* Python 2.x
* OpenAL

To run the alpy module, you require the latter two.


After a 'make install', do:
See the file on how to use alpy


ALPY automatically shares sounddata, if multiple soundsources are
created from the same wav file.